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High Voltage Insulation Megohmmeter

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High Voltage Insulation Megohmmeter

Ref: CBC213826

High voltage insulation megohmmeter is composed of medium and large scale integrated circuits. This meter has large output power high short-circuit current value and large output voltage grades (there are four voltage grades). The working principle is as follows: the DC high voltage generated by the battery inside the machine as power supply and converted by DC/DC reaches the L pole from the E pole by the tested product so as to generate a current from E to L pole. After I/V conversion and operation by the divider the measured insulation resistance value is directly displayed by LCD.

Technical Parameters:

Working Conditions environment temperature:0℃~+45℃
relative humidity:≤85%RH
output voltage level 500V,1000V,2000V,2500V
measurement range 0~19990MΩ
Resolution 0.01MΩ,0.1MΩ,1.0MΩ,10.0MΩ
relative error


Voltage/load 2500V/20MΩ
Voltage drop about10%
short-circuit current >1.6mA
direct current 8×1.5V(AA,R6)battery
alternating current 220V/50Hz
Power quiescent dissipation≤160mW;maximum power≤2.5W
volume 235×200×135mm3
Weight <1.4kg


1、Large output power strong carrying capacity and strong anti-interference ability. The digital mew meter shell is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy. As the output short-circuit current of the capacitive test product is larger than 1.6mA it is easy for test current to rapidly rise to the rated value of output voltage. For the measurement of low resistance value the voltage drop does not affect the test accuracy because of the proportional design.

2、 The digital megohm meter does not need human power by the battery power the range can be automatically converted. Clear panel operation and LCD display make measurement very convenient and fast.

3、The output short-circuit current of this table can b

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