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Polyacrylamide Liquid22

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Polyacrylamide Liquid22

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1. Product Name:Polyacrylamide liquid
2. Product Description:Polyacrylamide emulsion is prepared by dispersion or inverse emulsion polymerization, which is a form of polyacrylamide liquid present. Besides the characteristics of solid polyacrylamide flocculants, through the molecular chain of polar groups to adsorb suspended solids in the water particles, the emulsion could formats the large flocs through bridge between the particles or electricity.

Polyacrylamide emulsion is divided into two types, water-in-oil, and water-in-water. Unlike polyacrylamide powder, the drying process is not required in the emulsion type polyacrylamide manufacturing process. Therefore, the polyacrylamide emulsions molecular weight and water solubility than the same powder polyacrylamide molecular weight is higher. Water-in-oil emulsions are usually water-insoluble. Therefore, in the emulsion-type polyacrylamide manufacturing process, or in the use of emulsion before the dissolution of the dilution process, the need to add a hydrophilic surfactant, so that when the emulsion type of water reverse phase, so that the emulsion can be dissolved in the water. But the water-in-water emulsion is very easy to dissolve, and also the synthesis process is more advanced. Dissolve the emulsion with water to use high-speed shear when the way, so that the emulsion of polyacrylamide hydrogel in full contact with water and quickly dispersed in water. If the emulsion and water can fully contact with the dispersion, its dissolution time is generally only 3-15 minutes. The storage temperature of the emulsion is preferably between 0 and 30 ° C, and the average emulsion is stored for 6 months. The temperature of the emulsion freezing is lower than that of the water. Frozen emulsion can continue to use after melting, its performance will not be significantly changed. Granular polyacrylamide is made by the AM (acrylamide) monomer polymerization colloid, crushing and drying and then obtained. There are too many disadvantages for polyacrylamide powder, such as the production of too much dust, crushing damage molecular chain, drying, the use of stirring to be dissolved (waste a lot of time and energy consumption), but the largest particle polyacrylamide is easy to transport and storage.
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